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News and Info Initiative

Strengthening Local News

The Wichita Community Foundation believes informed citizens create an engaged community. As a next step to WCF’s work with Focus Forward, the Foundation will continue to strive to create a more informed city by adopting a new strategic initiative centered on strengthening Wichita’s local news ecosystem.

The project is still in its earliest stages, so stay up to date with WCF in these upcoming months as the project takes shape.


  • Address opportunities for additional coverage in identified areas
  • Explore unique delivery methods
  • Place resources directly into hands of journalists

What's been done so far

  • WCF Board of Directors adopted news and information work as a strategic initiative
  • Utilizing national connections to create partnerships with the Knight Foundation, Hearken and Solutions Journalism Network
  • Research conducted on local media coverage of community driven issues
  • WCF News Workshop in July, facilitated by Hearken
  • WCF sent a handful of local journalists to the annual Online News Association conference in September

Next steps

  • A physical gathering space for collaborative partners at Revolutsia
  • Continued professional development opportunities for local journalists
  • Hearken will conduct stakeholder interviews
  • Local journalists will develop an audience engagement strategy and map out collaborative efforts


Why is the Foundation getting involved in local news?

WCF works to fulfill our mission by partnering with individuals and organizations in the community to devote resources to causes that matter. We believe local news is one of those causes. After three years of work with Focus Forward and James Chung, we’re taking the next natural step to continue to inform and engage the community.

What is the space at Revolutsia going to be used for?

The main purpose of the gathering space will be formed by those participating in the collaborative effort. It will be positioned as a space that will allow group work and potential community gatherings.

How serious is WCF about this?

We're serious! The Foundation has committed three years of staff time and additional resources to strengthen the local news ecosystem.

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