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Focus Forward

Focus Forward

Let’s Change Our Trajectory

The Wichita Community Foundation engaged Reach Advisors, founded by Wichita native James Chung, for a multi-year, deep-dive predictive analytics project about the region’s future economic growth. Reach Advisors is an international firm that combines quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, probing analysis of demographic and market data, and strong strategic grounding. This extensive process has been applied to many of the nation’s leading corporations and businesses, as well as organizations, to assist in reshaping the future of cities.

There were four clear drivers – and while complex – other communities have successfully addressed them and changed their economic future:

  • Business cycle challenges
  • Human capital challenge
  • Entrepreneurship challenge
  • Perception challenge

Chung's final installment was on June 11, 2018. View the presentation below.

Chung returned to Wichita in July 2016 for the next iteration of information. View the presentation below.

James Chung gave his first presentation to Wichitans in late 2015. View the first installment here.

Wichita Truth & Dare

WCF created Wichita Truth & Dare as an opportunity for Wichitans to help tackle the Focus Forward challenges. By engaging in this activity, you can impact the future of Wichita. Once you complete a dare, share it on social media using #IDidTheDareICT. View the cards here.

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