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Awarded Scholarships

2021 Awarded Scholarships

Through the generosity of individuals, community organizations, and businesses that believe in the importance of education, WCF awards nearly $100,000 in scholarships annually.

The Autobiography Scholarship Fund 

Zane Guerrero

Randy Banks Memorial Scholarship Fund

Cassius Williams

Jena Wheeler

E. Eugene Carter Scholarship Fund

Roaa Alwazani

East High Alumni Scholarship Fund

Monica Nguyen

Roaa Alwazani

Skyy Myers

J.D. and Dorothy Edmiston Scholarship for Track & Field Athletes Fund

Skyy Myers

Evergy Scholarship Fund

Aunisti Swan

Christian Holley*

Devin Riordan*

Elliot Kilmer

Ihsan McCoy*

Ivie Kierl

Larissa Ramirez* 

Michael Beck

   *Denotes 2020 recipients

Gregory Fleming Memorial Scholarship Fund

Shelton Lauderbaugh

Forget Me Not Scholarship Fund

Elizabeth Meyer 

Kaitlyn Jarnagin

Matthew Aaron Gamm Memorial Scholarship Fund

Gwenivere Geisler

Doug Hays Memorial Criminal Justice and Psychology Scholarship Fund

Mason Dyck

Rich & Hannah Kerschen Law Company Family Scholarship Fund

Luke Brand

Chad McCune Scholarship Fund

Ben Woodworth

Optimist Memorial Scholarship Fund

Niki Wood 

Roaa Alwazani

James K. Pitetti Memorial Scholarship Fund

Amare Ramirez

Timothy Seguine Northwest High School Scholarship Fund

Gregory Darnell

Lorraine & Otis Smith Caddie Scholarship Fund


Soroptimist/Olive Ann Beech Memorial Scholarship Fund


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