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Wichita Orthopedic Fund

Eligibility & Requirements

Applicants must be in their second year of residency in orthopedic studies in Wichita, Kan.

The cash award of up to $5,000 is restricted to the purchase of equipment, supplies and other direct costs for the required educational research project in the third year of orthopedic residency. Travel to orthopedic seminars or for training is also permitted, but all travel expenses are governed by Wichita Center for Graduate Medical Education per diem regulations, and apply only to the successful applicant. No salary or living expenses will be paid.

In addition to the completed application form, awardees must:

  1. Furnish itemized receipts to WCGME as verification of budgeted expenses
  2. Complete the project by the end of the third year of residency
  3. Write a professional paper stating the outcomes of the project that is publication-ready. This paper will serve as the final report to the Wichita Orthopedic Fund. Successful applicants should acknowledge the Wichita Orthopedic Fund as the project sponsor, if the paper is published.


Failure to complete the project as outlined in the applicant’s grant request will result in a forfeiture of the grant funds to the WCGME. Failure to utilize the grant award within 12 months of the date of the award will result in its forfeiture. 

Award Details

The project awards are restricted to orthopedic residencies in Wichita, Kan., without exception and are administered through the Wichita Center for Graduate Medical Education.


The application must be electronically submitted by noon on March 22, 2019. No exceptions.


Project Information

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