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Philanthropic Trends Report

In June, WCF published its first-ever Philanthropic Trends Report. Inside its pages, you'll find a portrait of the Foundation's collective giving from the past year and beyond. Preview some of the highlights below, or read the full publication.

Understanding Our Assets

  • Grantmaking from WCF in 2019 totaled $5.8 million
  • $799,000 was granted from WCF's competitive grant rounds in 2019
  • In 2019, $3.6 million was granted through DAFs
  • As of April 30, 2020, DAFs made up the largest portion of WCF's assets ($27.8 million)

What WCF Donors Care About

  • In 2019...
    • DAF holders gave to an average of 8 nonprofits
    • the median grant size was $1,000
    • 285 nonprofits were supported by WCF
  • Highest number of grants received since WCF's founding:
    • 381 to the Wichita Children's Home
    • 375 to Wichita State University
    • 314 to The Salvation Army

COVID-19 Response

  • Compared to March and April 2019, WCF grantmaking has increased 40% in March and April 2020
  • Immediate aid has assisted more than 50 local nonprofits through DAFs
  • Together, we've committed $1 million to pandemic relief through WCF

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